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Recently we had a lot of calls from property managers and they all had one big concern: preventing fires in their commercial property.

That level of responsility is very high, so it is critical to have a quality fire prevention system in place. Otherwise, you are putting lives and your reputation on the line.

Therefore, we were compelled to offer 4 fire safety tips for commercial property managers:

1- Create a Service Plan

Once your fire alarm system or fire alarm monitoring system has been installed, arrange with the technicians to have it regularly serviced for maintenance.

You can dramatically reduce false alarms and service calls by inspecting your system regularly.

On top of that, a fire risk assessment should also be performed on the building in order to determine how often your fire monitoring service should be serviced.

That way, you can have peace of mind because your fire alarm and fire monitoring system is up-to-date. You will have confidence knowing it will be there when you need it the most.

How Safe Is Your Fire Alarm System?

Discover why false alarms happen and follow our checklist to ensure your fire alarm monitoring is 100% Safe!

2- Active Prevention

Educating employees about fire prevention is also key to make sure your building is safe, but how can you do that?

One way you can increase the fire safety of your building is to post fire safety tips around places that are easily visible, especially around large appliances that may present any risk.

Additionally, employees must know what to do in the event of a fire, so have regular fire training sessions with them.

One way you can instantly train and increase their safety is to ensure they are aware of the location of fire extinguishers, fire exits, and fire alarms.

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3- Regular Maintenance

What are the top 4 things that can cause fires in a commercial building? Heaters, furnaces, boilers, or electrical equipment.

You can prevent fire by having this equipment properly installed, and regularly maintained. So check is they are currently being maintained the way it is supposed to be.

Additionally, ask yourself “are the employees who use or work near this equipment properly trained?”. They all must know what to do should the equipment malfunction. This is a safety issue most commercial buildings suffer.

4- Be Vigilant for Arson

The leading cause of commercial building fires is Arson. Imagine how dangerous it is to commercial buildings as there is maximum damage involved with such an act.

As a property manager, you should make sure that suspicious behaviour is being monitored and reported immediately.

The best way you can do that is to install security alarms and security cameras.  To protect your building even more, any visitors to the building should be required to sign in, and employees should be encouraged to report any behaviour that they consider suspicious.

How Safe Is Your Fire Alarm System?

Discover why false alarms happen and follow our checklist to ensure your fire alarm monitoring is 100% Safe!

In conclusion, these fire safety tips help you prevent and monitor fires. Because as a property manager manager, this measures can make you finally have the confidence and peace of mind you deserve!

Thus, you know can have a fire plan and regular fire drills to ensure everyone knows what to do in case of an emercency. People in your building will be able to get out safely!

In addition, the more education about fire safety that you can provide, the better, because it truly saves lives. Imagine having the peace of mind knowing that your building is safe AND the people inside the building know they are safe as well thanks to you!

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