“Fire alarm! – fire alarm? – meh, probably just another false alarm….”

Unfortunately this is how most people react to automatic fire alarm systems – are you one of them?

Because almost everybody has experienced a false alarm, but very few have personal experience of a major fire.

False fire alarms are a huge issue for commecial buildings and they can really cost you money due to:

  • Less production for your business
  • Staff is evacuated, which causes disruption.
  • Possible charging for attendance by fire and rescue services
  • Your customers will be annoyed, which damages your reputation
  • Insurance premium becomes more expensive

This can be scary to property managers, building engineers and contractors, but there are ways to reduce false alarms.

So we are on a mission to stamp out false alarms and we want to help you!

See the 3 ways you can instantly reduce false fire alarms in a commercial building:

PS: BONUS TIP at the end of the article!

1- Clean up your system!

How is your maintenance routine for your fire alarms?
If it is not optimal, then make sure your sensors and detectors aren’t collecting a blanket of dust.

If you regularly test and maintain your systems, you will avoid most/all of your false alarms.

2- Position, Position, Position.

Ask yourself: Where are the best areas in the building to position the fire alarm equipment?

For example, positioning smoke/heat detectors above fireplaces and heat vents will definitely increase false alarms during the cold months.

reduce false fire alarms in a commercial building by positioning it right

3- Fire Safety Training and Education

Okay, now let’s assume that the appropriate equipment has
been chosen and detectors are installed in the right places.

Now, training and education is the last part of the puzzle to reduce false fire alarms.

Whether these be formal training sessions or educative notices, ensure  the people in your building have knowledge of the kind of activities that will cause a false alarm.

Reduce False Fire Alarms by training people

BONUS TIP: Fire alarm pull stations exist so you can quickly activate the fire alarm system in an emergency event. However, they also can be a great temptation for pranksters to pull out of curiosity or others to pull maliciously. Also, there are times that people can bump and brake causing the alarm to sound.

Prevention may be as simple as putting plastic covers over them to stop accidental activation, or installing CCTV to stop pranksters!

In conclusion, don’t cut out false alarms for us; do it for yourself and for your business. It will save you MONEY and it will give you the peace of mind you deserve!

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