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At the same time, Do-Hyeok is actually never ever a beneficial suitor to own Na-Bi. He or she is clingy, a touch too mind-mindful and you may excessively nice. The brand new possessive method he made an effort to win Na-Bi more than actually an effective browse, though as reasonable this is never really a love triangle. The written text got into the wall for some time one to Na-Bi would definitely choose Jae-Eon but really, it feels like the wrong disperse.

In the end, Still bows away having a good tepid finale, the one that skimps on its latest event which have a disappointing end.

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Better, I find the first few attacks far more interesting as compared to last periods. When each other Jae-Eon and you may Na-bi had been keen on both and you may watching their breathtaking times together. They both positively enjoys interaction trouble haha. They could features just cam something away and display considerably more details regarding on their own as their matchmaking develops. Each other male head and you may women head same as watching for each and every other and you can talk very absolutely nothing. Anyhow , that is just how dramas try. Without suspense and you will orgasm on the tell you next there would be tale, is not they ? I am only pleased it’s a stop after all. At the very least it would not be a complete waste of big date at all having a pleasurable finish. I agree although that the finish seems to be inside the a great rush.

Honestly, We agree. Actually, We treasured the crisis but I believe one to Song Kang’s reputation obtained insufficient creativity and cause to the conclude and then make feel while the ending is actually hurried. For me, Park Jae-eon try a manipulative, flirtatious heartbreaker just who toyed with lady and you can strung him or her collectively less than the latest guise off ‘relationships’ and you can because of gaslighting. It never really alter regarding him because the a character, and you can in all honesty most likely just might have when they dived on “relationship” he had otherwise has that have Soel-a beneficial, anybody the brand new crisis don’t even label; we really do not learn exactly who she actually is otherwise would be to Jae-eon. Soel-a got a relationship that have Jae-eon thus unknown you to she must cut links having him entirely due to the fact she is actually getting hurt usually, on account of Jae-eon remaining him or her fastened when it is “friends” and you may allegedly top the woman on the. It’s clear she enjoyed otherwise wants him, even happy to rest about being his girlfriend to their potential like attract; Jae-eon also admits they within the episode 9 whenever inquiring if Na-bi just planned to make something problematic for Soel-an excellent and your. Seriously, Soel-a could probably act as a beneficial foil to possess Na-bi; from what the lady and Jae-eon’s relationships was to get otherwise just how she could’ve noticed and acted when it stumbled on jealousy otherwise hatred having Jae-eon. However the drama doesn’t safety the woman and as a result goes wrong to give insight to help you Jae-eon as a characteristics. Since the i don’t understand their profile along with his previous, he does not apparently changes–gaslighting Na-bi in the previous event by blaming this lady thoughts therefore the failing situationship on her behalf. the relationship just doesn’t work, it stays poisonous and you will borderline abusive, when he stays flat and you can Na-bi does not understand. Do not actually really get the time for you to pick their active since the an official pair, deciding to make the conclude hunt hurried. Along side it partners complete merely had a healthier and better chemistry, which had been greatest paced than simply Na-bi and you may Jae-eon’s. Although, the titling of each episode try very imaginative, and that i love the way it told a narrative alone away from Na-bi’s direction. It displayed exactly how usually, she returned in order to her bad habit and uses the woman heart even when it was not logical, she even acknowledges that over the past occurrence when saying she will be sorry for dating Livejasmin him–logically talking, but often nonetheless go for it. In my opinion, Nevertheless is certainly going down among the individuals dramas that have been extremely a beneficial before past event because of rushed ending/worst tempo and wrong matchmaking choices. Na-bi and you may Jae-eon should’ve went the separate means i think; one another supposed abroad for school, or progressing with the lifetime together getting which have Perform-Hyoek and Jae-eon reading of their problems. Still, visitors in this tell you try effective in acting–in fact, brand new pretending is actually an emphasize for my situation. I’m hoping we have observe her or him again (just like the, the brand new biochemistry ranging from all actors was great!