As mozzarella cannot be cooled while transporting through the mountains, unfortunately it remains a curiosity

In Tibet, milk is most commonly used for a smoked cheese called chhurpi, but only recently did Tibetans start making cheese, and instead, yak milk was mainly used for butter. “On the Tibetan plateau, cheese doesn’t taste so good,” says White. He was sent to Tibet by a New York organization to develop a cheese for export that would allow Tibetan nomads to take advantage of their excess milk.

The Tibetan palate is not accustomed to cheese, and at this time they tolerate it because they know that they can make great profits. Blanco, however, points out an exception.

For one of the festivals, he conjured a quick portion of yak mozzarella or “yakkarella,” as he called it, which was well received by the locals.

11. Chicken burger

Some establishments that serve hamburgers also serve chicken sandwiches that offer customers an alternative to beef. Said sandwich may also be referred to as “chicken in a bun” or “chicken burger” in Australia or the United Kingdom and is served in a hamburger installment loans California bun with spices and toppings similar to those of a hamburger.

While most chicken sandwiches generally use fried or roasted chicken breast in this regard, a chicken burger can also be made with a grilled or fried ground chicken pate.


Chick-fil-A claims to have invented the roast chicken sandwich in the 1940s. This statement is unfounded, although Chick-fil-A (served with cucumbers in a steamed bun), filed on March 21, 1964, was Probably the first chicken sandwich introduced by a chain of fast food restaurants.

Other notable suppliers of chicken sandwiches are KFC and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Today, most large fast, fast and casual food chains offer a type of chicken sandwich, even in restaurants where chicken is not a specialty.

Wow, hamburger … delicious. Hehehe You know, most people love hamburgers, especially children. According to my calculation, Burger is one of the most famous fast foods in Malaysia and perhaps around the world.

It tastes so tasty and tasty that people like to eat hamburgers, including me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Burger is also easy to find, such as McDonald, KFC and street vendors. It is not surprising then that Burger is one of the best known dishes among us.

Did you know that the hamburger is also known as hamburger or sandwich? Hamburger, consisting of cooked minced meat. Patty is often beef and chicken. It also appeared round. Patty is often put on a sliced ??bread roll.

Burgers are usually served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cheese and spices such as mayonnaise, mustard, tomato sauce and condiments. These things will make a hamburger that tastes really delicious and delicious. The hamburger is also classified as fast food. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of fast food or our themed hamburger.

  1. It can be easily found in a place, even in a town or city.
  2. Easy to prepare, we just need a sliced ??muffin and a pate. Things like lettuce, tomatoes and others really don’t need it. It’s just that it makes the hamburger taste delicious. If we don’t put these things, everything will be fine.
  3. It also saves us time. When someone returns home after a full day of work, they need to be tired and hungry and need something to be taken care of quickly. The perfect food is just a hamburger or pizza.
  4. This food is also cheap. The hamburger is not too expensive and there are not too many ingredients we need to cook a hamburger.