Goodness however delivered the best boy accessible to work, even though he had been not a formally coached prophet

Of the distrust between the two individuals, it is ironic one to God sent good Jew to help you warn the new Israelites of the impending judgment. “I was no prophet, nor is actually We a son off a beneficial prophet,” the guy demonstrates to you, “however, I found myself a good herdsman and you can a tender out-of sycamore fruit. Then the Lord required while i adopted the fresh new head and you can god believed to me personally, ‘Wade, prophesy on my people Israel'” (Amos 7:14-15).

Amos was more than “just an effective shepherd.” Inside the Amos step 1:step 1 the fresh new Hebrew term noqed means a beneficial keeper or raiser out of sheep otherwise goats (find II Kings 3:4), although it is sometimes made as “shepherd.” Within the Amos 7:fourteen “herdsman” (bowker) means large cattle. God-inspired a few different words to demonstrate he was a good breeder away from sheep (and maybe away from cattle), promoting others having stock, and maybe development and you will refining the newest breeds. Some of Amos’ homes ore-fig orchard. Their ranch appears to have come small sufficient that he is actually working in their operation, no matter if the guy as well as seemingly have succeeded adequate to need time off in order to preach for the Israel.

Judging on book’s language and magnificence, Amos was also well educated. Students courtroom his the means to access vocabulary because such expressive, brilliant and you will forceful.

Amos wrote in the a very extreme time in Israel’s background (Amos 1:1). One another leaders Jeroboam II out of Israel (793-753 BC ) and you will Uzziah from Judah (791-739 BC ) enjoyed much time and you will successful reigns. Their prophecy should be dated in advance of 750 BC , because Uzziah’s boy, Jotham (750-731 BC ), which reigned just like the co-regent along with his father to have eleven many years, is not mentioned.

The phrase “couple of years till the earthquake” really helps to narrow the latest book’s day. Archeological findings unearthed on Hazor in north Palestine show that an oddly strong earthquake occurred regarding 760 BC . Therefore, Amos prophesied in about 762 BC . The term appears to restriction nazwa użytkownika squirt their prophesying compared to that style of year, recommending you to definitely his prophetic hobby is actually very short.

However, this new prophet remaining a powerful content away from warning and you may urgency that nonetheless bands with details and you will fervor

Many historians possess concluded that 722 BC -forty years after-are whenever Assyria os’ warning message, God in his compassion provided Their people who have a forty-season age trial and you may research during which they may regret. Record facts, not, one Samaria dropped along with her survivors was indeed dragged with the captivity for the 718 BC .

Customs holds one to Amos died an unlawful death at hands out of Jeroboam II, but zero historic records features verified that it claim.

From the being an illiterate shepherd, new prophet try men of subtlety and you can compound, conscious of previous occurrences and you can most recent conditions inside Israel and you can Judah, plus the surrounding nations

“The lord roars regarding Zion, and you can utters Their voice off Jerusalem; this new pastures of shepherds mourn, additionally the finest from Carmel withers” (Amos 1:2). In the wild a beneficial lion roars exactly as it is throughout the so you can pounce towards its victim. Symbolically and you will metaphorically, the fresh roar from an excellent lion or perhaps the break out of thunder reveals the fresh new imminent intervention out of Goodness into the individual affairs (I Samuel dos:10; Isaiah 31:6; 31:4; Hosea 11:9-11; Revelation ).

Regarding the mid-8th millennium BC when Amos preached, Israel’s financial ft is mostly in the agriculture, however, a good drought got started to destabilize one foundation. The fresh pastures had currently started initially to feel the results of God’s roaring, due to the fact had Carmel, probably the most verdant element of Israel, and in addition, this new heading stronghold from Baal. Amos proclaims that drought is the result of God’s judgment.