I really don’t tend to getting worried toward morning regarding a hill walk

It’s generally a mixture of excitement, expectation and longing for staying in areas where I feel really at ease. But now, left inside the a rest-by just from the A66, I will accept to help you observing the new unusual butterfly inside my belly.

So it walk might have been nearly 30 years in the and come up with. Now I’m visiting the spikier comes to an end away from Blencathra: Sharp Boundary and you may Hall’s Dropped Ridge. Probably a couple of ideal ridges on the River Section. Ever since watching a photo from Sharp Edge since a guy, along with its razor-sharp stone and hopeless falls, You will find feared it inhospitable landscape and indeed didn’t come with desire to walk across it. But part of myself wasn’t able to overlook it both.

You will find gazed at Clear Edge out of afar. You will find endured round the from it. Ogled from the they off lower than as well as edged into the it out-of more than. However, We have always wait, filing it away in this cabinet noted ‘scary what you should tackle other day’.

Once the ages passed, We almost forgot regarding Evident Edge. I’d ticked away from Blencathra from the other routes together with a good amount of interruptions across the Federal Playground to help you divert my personal desire. However, while i turned a knowledgeable hillwalker and you will my personal checklist from left major expectations dwindled, the very thought of crossing Sharp Boundary started initially to niggle once again.

Which have slope leader training planned, they noticed suitable observe how i fared with this started degrees step 1(+) scramble and you may acquire way more thinking-focus on what I am ready to tackle, and in the end delight in, in the mountains. That have finest climate forecast, the right experience and you may a keen itch one required scratching, I decided to confront Sharp Edge and put it to sleep once and for all.


It should be no crappy matter that the walk-up towards legs out of Sharp Edge only takes an hour or so. Enough time to score heated individually, but not plenty of time to package it emotionally. I ticket a few sweeping falls for the Mousthwaite Comb, giving the opportunity to calibrate my harmony before the more severe items that lays to come.

A hot-air balloon rises serenely above the Heaven Valley. New ascent with the superbly-titled Lake Glenderamackin feels exactly as soft. And also as I arrived at Balances Tarn all of the too-soon, I feel amazingly everyday towards possibility scooting along an excellent razor-sharp ridge. Worry is great. Blind panic is not.

Numerous tents garnish Balances Tarn; their occupants busying by themselves which have an endless range of go camping admin. At least you’ll find someone doing if i end up plummeting to my doom. New tarn works out any, but I am suspicious of the water, as if something sinister lurks within its depths.

Brand new ridge itself looks dazzling. Crooked material are almost everywhere. My eyes trace outlines along the route but they are easily taken downward into deep seas of Scales Tarn. Discover only 1 method you are going in the event of a trip right up there. But I also note just how quick and you may serious to be honest. If Striding Border is a huge slim el slice, Sharp Line try a double espresso having a great whisky chaser.

Providing on in it

I faff for longer than is needed beneath the ridge. A sheep bleats, its phone call echoing ominously around the crags. I shudder. It is currently otherwise never. Time for you score a proceed.

Seeking out the fresh ridge is easy. A definite roadway leads unerringly so you can a giant cairn, so zero excuses getting perhaps not picking out the procedure. This is basically the spot to turn back when you are within all the unprepared for what lies in the future. It’s launched hand-on-stone step to any extent further.